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Essendorfer Genussschmelzerei GmbH

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About us

On his various trips throughout the world, Andy has climbed all summits, has sailed with all ships and has had sneaky looks into all pots and pans on the ovens of this world. He was most interested what was under the lids of pots with very aromatic smells.

Behind of each of our products is a story to be told that we want to tell you. Apart from our handmade items we also look for longterm suppliers and their regional products.

Andy Essendorfer finds ideas for new products during the daily life and creatively finetunes them on the summit of the Taubenstein Mountain. Once they are perfect, production starts in the new modern kitchen at the headoffice in Schliersee.

Thus stories are preserved and an enormous variety of tasty products is created.

Andy developed a natural way to preserve the good things in life. This traditional knowledge is harmoniously mixed together with only the best ingredients, craftsmanship and some culinary coolness. This way he creates taste with a story that puts a smile on everybody’s face.

Products and services

Exceptional taste explosions made in traditional handwork.

Pesti for pasta, steak and dip sauces, vegetarian and vegan bread spreads, fancy garlic variations, flatteries for cheese, herbs against stupidity.

All products can be sampled at our booth.

Herbs against stupidity

Herbs against stupidity

Ingredients: parsley, lovage, peppermint, sage, coriander, thai. Basilica, horseradish, peanuts, lime leaves, rapeseed oil, balsamic vinegar, lemon dust, sea-salt, pepper, turk.chili, spices

Smokey Gun

Smokey Gun

Ingredients: tomato juice, onions, apples, caffeinated lemonade, SLYRS Fifty-ONE Whisky 51% Vol. Alk., vegan cane sugar, honey, spirit vinegar, paprika, chili, cloves, mustard seeds, potato flour, smoked salt, lemon pepper, salt, gelling agent: natural apple pectin

Apricot Passionfruit

Apricot Passionfruit

Ingredients: made from 66g fruits per 100g, apricots, passion fruit, vegan cane sugar, gelling agent: natural apple pectin

News & Innovations


Products of Andreas Essendorfer’s „Genussschmelzerei“ are all handmade in Bavaria, the region in the South of Germany known for traditional craftsmanship, lederhosen, woodcarvings, beer and weisswurst.

The new head office and the kitchen are located in Schliersee, in the heart of the German Alps.

Andy Essendorfer developed a natural way to preserve his fine sauces and pestos and he is able to call most variants “vegetarian” or even “vegan”.

All items have a “best before date” of one year.


Essendorfer Genussschmelzerei GmbH
Bayrischzeller Str. 11
83727 Schliersee

Phone: +49 8026 9225672
Fax: +49 8026 9289205

Andreas Essendorfer
Managing Director and Owner

Genussschmelzerei Essendorfer USA (Gerrit Ahlers and Julian Vincentz)
321 North Clark Str., Suite 1425
Chicago IL 60654 – 4714

Phone: +1 312 5858313

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